• Dead Man’s Switch  This is a site that will let you store two letters that will be sent to two recipients once you are no longer able to check in with the site (presumably because you are either incapacitated or deceased). The service works thus: You write some messages and specify when you want Dead Man’s Switch to check up on you. These dates are called “intervals”. For example, for intervals of “15, 30, 60”, Dead Man’s Switch will email you 15 and 30 days after your last check-in. If you don’t check in again in that period of time, all your messages will be sent to the message recipient(s) 60 days after your last check-in.  This is for the free version.  If you subscribe to the “Premium” version (at this writing it is $20 for lifetime) you can increase the number of letters, recipients and specify your own intervals.
  • Science Care  Facilitates arranging for full body donations in lieu of expensive funerals.  Cremation is usually included.
  • BioGift  is another such service.